SilverWings V.A. restarts

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SilverWings V.A. restarts

Bericht door SilverWings » 04 okt 2017, 06:39

Dear reader,

Since November 2016 the plans to restart SilverWings V.A. was born. We provide realistic operations, two different kinds of flight logging, our logging system that scans the IVAO and VATSIM network for your flight number and ID and our SmartCars client for offline flights.

At this moment our route network contains 850 flights and is still counting.
Also quite unique is our typerating system, the maximum rank you can achieve without a typerating is captain, with typeratings you can achieve higher ranks.

SilverWings is using a fleet that consist out of different types of aircraft, from small planes as the JS41 or F50 to the big planes as the B744 and A332. Also we have a few helicopters to ensure all pilots can fly whatever they refer.

We are using a modified crew center where you can download our liveries, enter the forum, send emails to other pilots, find our tours and events and plan your flights with a full flight briefing package for the best simulation. Also you will have the choice to get random assigned flights every month based on your wishes by the system.

Please visit our website at for more information.

We're looking forward to welcome you as a crewmember of SilverWings V.A.

NOTE : We are recruiting staff members to make this V.A. even better as it is now. Visit our website and click on the link staff vacancies for more information.



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