Te Koop. Modules en onderdelen om Boeing 737ng cockpit te ku

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Te Koop. Modules en onderdelen om Boeing 737ng cockpit te ku

Berichtdoor vos328 op 13 mei 2017, 15:54

Te koop

Modules en onderdelen om Boeing 737ng cockpit te kunnen bouwen.


MCP 737NG V3H mounted without box. With 8 months warranty remaining
Boeing MCP replica in version 3H (Honeywell type) without box, with new features that make the module has all the features available as real. The module requires only running SIOC software 4.3 or higher with your favorite configuration, which connect to the simulator via FSUIPC or IOCP.

The new features are:
Backlight, the backlight is warm white.
Warning Digit A / B on the display of IAS / MACH.
BANK ANGLE function operating through HEADING button.
SPD INT key functional.
ALT INT key functional.
Flight Director switches guards for captain and first officer.
Captain and First Officer MA Lights are functional.
Without box for panel assembly.
100% compatibility with last MCP V3.

EFIS-737 (mounted & with box) With 8 months warranty remaining
This module is completely plug&play (no need of USB driver). Only needs SIOC with your favourite configuration file that will link with the simulator via FSUIPC or IOCP.
Whit this module you can manage the EFIS functions.
The module is fully compatible with the rest of IOCards and other Opencockpits modules.
You can use the USB port for feeding the module and an external power source for built-in backlight (5V, 500mA power supply not included).
The backlight is warm white.

New FMC B-737 V3 (Mounted & ready) With 8 months warranty remaining
The FMC module is a replica of the real, with the same shape and size. It is fully assembled and requires no welding or wire anything.
Size : 150x225x65 mm.
The FMC is connected by a computer's USB port and also to VGA or TV out of your computer.
In order to function requires the necessary software that simulates the functions of flight, this software is not included and can be used anyone what can show all information on one screen and work with FSUIPC, IOCP or keyboard commands.
There are scripts to work with Project Magenta. It is also compatible with other add-on like Prosim 737, PMDG, Level-D 767, ON-737 and others.
The keyboard is fully configurable, and can be added any improvements or adapt to any new software.
The screen is 5" color with800x600 resolution with bright control, position, source, the module includes: 1 USB cable, 1 VGA video cable and the power source.
The module is backlited and have bright control with the front button like the real unit.
The backlight is warm White.

Electronic cards iocards

Master card
USB Expansion
Outputs connection

Logitech controls. With 8 months warranty remaining;
Logitech Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals for PC, joystick
Logitech Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, joystick

FlightSimulator Boeing 737 Complete panel Starter Park
FlightSimulatorParts Boeing 737 Complete Starter Park This include a replica Boeing 737 MIP, V1 Boeing 737 Overhead and Boeing 737 AFT Panel Set
Flight simulator parts complete replica Boeing 737 MIP. This complete MIP is both captain and 1st officer sides. The frame work is made up in 5 sections, These sections are CNC cut from heavy duty PVC plastic. This is anti shatter so if you needed to drill holes it wont snap and shatter. Very strong. Total size 1500x350mm.
FlightSimulatorParts Boeing 737 overhead V1 comes with all the panels, switches, annunciators, LED boxes and LEDs to create a full Boeing 737 replica overhead. Will not fit on real DZUS frame, Frame work will need to be made from either wood or metal.
FlightSimulatorParts Boeing 737 AFT Overhead. 3mm plastic 3 piece frame, 3mm backing panels and either 5mm or 3mm top panels. Box frame work not included and will need to be made.
Flightsimulatorparts panels are painted in RAL 7011. All our panels are cut using a laser cutting machine for perfect cuts. Our panels are then sanded for ensure a perfect keyed surface for paint. Our panels are then professionally painted in a spray booth in RAL 7011 left to cure and then laser engraved to ensure best quality of text possible.
Compleet with al the switches and led.

3x 19" monitor for MIP
1X 10" monitor for CDU bay or/and
1X 10" monitor with touch screen for CDU bay

En nog veel meer.
Alles is +/- 4 maanden oud.
Nieuw waarde is meer dan €2500,00
Dus je bespaart al gouw meer dan €1000.00 wanneer je het nieuw zou kopen.

Meer info en foto's op marktplaats.
https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/spelcomput ... e=lr&pos=6
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Re: Te Koop. Modules en onderdelen om Boeing 737ng cockpit t

Berichtdoor arno op 20 mei 2017, 10:43

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