FSXLiveries.com - my own PMDG repaints

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FSXLiveries.com - my own PMDG repaints

Bericht door Dutchfs » 19 mei 2013, 17:20


First of all... Goedemiddag! It's nice to join your community. IPlease, forgive me that i'm going to speak English, but my Dutch is really poor so there is around 80%-85% of chance, that I would not understand your posts.

I would like to present to you my own repaints for PMDG 737. In future i will prepare repaints for PMDG 777, it's just a matter of time when i will buy this addon.
There is an idea to do some liveries for PMDG 747 too, but i do not have enough time to learn paint kit for this plane.
I realize than not all of this repaints are perfect but i'm still learning how to work with graphic software.

At this moment there is almost 50 repaints for 737 -900WL, 800WL, 700WL and 600 version, but i hope that this number of textures will continually grow.
All liveries are prepared in .ptp file so they can be easly installed with PMDG_livery_manager".

Here are some thumbnails:

If you would like to see more screenshots (in bigger size), check gallery here: http://www.fsxliveries.com/gallery.html
All liveries can be downloaded from here: http://www.fsxliveries.com/downloads.html
All files are free from viruses. They are scanned twice (on my PC and on the hosting).

I hope that some of you will have fun to fly with my liveries.

To anticipate the question that appears in any of the places where I inform about my textures:
All textures are freeware, but I will be grateful for any contribution, because this mobilize me to spend my free time to create a new repaints.

Best Regards,
Wizzardos aka FSXLiveries.com

(To Moderators)
I received permission from VBA007 to start this topic.


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